About your Parish Council

We have 15 Parish Councillors currently representing eight grid squares, In addition to main Parish Council there are now six committees which report to the full Council.

The Shenley & Tattenhoe Parish Council

The full Council has oversight of the work of the other committees and ratifies all financial decisions and major executive decisions. It also considers any issue referred by a committee or on which views of the whole council are required.


Deal with individual planning applications and development issues in and around the parish.


Make recommendations to full council on the strategic plan of priorities for the Parish Council. Consists of an appointed member from each of the other committees.

Policy & Finance

This committee deals with the internal policies of the council and with financial issues including budget and business plan. Agendas for each Parish Council and Committee meeting are posted on the notice boards around the parish and on the website in ‘.pdf’ format at least two working days before the relevant meeting. Minutes of meetings, also in ‘.pdf’ the formats are published on the website, usually within a week of the meeting.

Environment and Operational

Deal with issues relating to the general environment within the parish, such as  highways, open spaces and allotments.


Monitor maintenance contracts relating to parish council buildings (currently Parish Office, Garthwaite Pavillion and Emerson Valley Community Centre). Examine Income and Expenditure reports and improvement and alteration proposals. Work in partnership with sports clubs associated with the buildings and the EVCC Trust.


Deal community issues, youth services, support for voluntary organisations and grant funding. It also handles aspects of road safety, public transport, education and community events.

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